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The 2014 Cardinal Athletic Fund Thank-A-Thon is underway and this year the CAF is working harder than ever to connect our CAF members to the student-athletes. As you can imagine from the name, this event involves student-athletes calling and thanking all of the CAF supporters who contributed to the Cardinal Athletic Fund over the course of the last year.The Cardinal Athletic Fund supports over 750 student-athletes across 23 sports. The athletic department at UofL wanted to make sure each donor receives a personal call or letter from a student-athlete saying how grateful they are for their individual contribution supporting the CAF.

One of our goals this year was to provide a 'behind the scenes' look into this event for our fans and donors to see through social media. It is important to have social media involved throughout each major event in order for our fan-base to feel personally connected with the student-athletes. The strategies that are being implemented include Instagram videos of several student-athletes giving a personal thank you to our donors, pictures of student-athletes making phone calls, and even some additional behind the scenes footage of the student-athletes during the evenings. We have already shared multiple posts of last week's Thank-A-Thon 'rounds' on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. .

Check out the Thank-A-Thon photo album under our latest photos section on, on, and You are also encouraged to follow our Director of Social Media on Twitter (@ULFlyingCard) and tell him what you think about this year's event!