The CAF Priority Point system is the equitable way Louisville Athletics allocates tickets and parking, based on ranking. The Priority Points accrued remain yours following graduation allowing an advantage over the general public relative to season ticket(s) purchases and location. The priority point system will reward those graduating students who choose to stay engaged as season ticket holders and fans.

Priority Points are accrued accordingly;

  • One point for every $50 donated to the CAF
  • Bonus point for each year a donation is made
  • One point for each year in which football season tickets are purchased
  • One point for each year in which men's basketball season tickets are purchased

For example, John is a senior and has been a $200 sCAF member for the past four years. He purchased season football tickets each of the last four years and m. basketball tickets each of the last two years.

John's points are as follows:
sCAF donations ($200 x 4 years) 16
Years as football season ticket holder (4 years) 4
Years as men's basketball season ticket holder (2 years) 2
Bonus points for each year a donation is given (4 years) 4
Total Priority Points 26