Priority Points

Priority Points

Priority Point Cut-Off Levels for Past Events

  • Would you have qualified for tickets? Select an event from the dropdown menu to view Priority Point Cut-Off levels for past events.

  • The demand for an event will be different from year-to-year. Take a look at the BIG EAST Tournament in 2012 & 2013. The difference is 1,000 Priority Points. The amount of requests we receive is often determined by the city, venue, opponent(s), and historical context of the game(s).
  • Make a gift to improve your priority point total. For 90% of our donors, a gift of just $200 will improve your ranking by at least one position. Make an extra donation HERE, and move up fast

Priority Point Ranking (As of 12/1/2014)

Priority Points
Avg. Gift to Jump (1) Acct.
Top 5 to 25
29,273 - 13,271
13,103 - 7,491
7,482 - 4,392
4,386 - 2,052
2,050 - 1,227
1,226 - 870
869 - 686
$200 gift jumps avg. 3 accts.
685 - 333
$100 gift jumps avg. 4 accts.
332 - 172
$100 gift jumps avg. 9 accts.
171 - 75
$100 gift jumps avg. 15 accts.
74 - 38
$100 gift jumps avg. 40 accts.
  • Call Brandon Graves at 502-852-7244 for more information or to make a donation by phone.

CAF Priority Point System

The CAF Priority Point system is a fair and effective way to allocate Cardinal tickets and parking. The goal of the Priority Point system is to reward those fans who support the program the longest and the strongest. The CAF utilizes the Priority Point System in the allocation and relocation of home tickets, away tickets, conference tournament tickets, NCAA tickets, Bowl Game tickets and parking.

Every donor to the Cardinal Athletic Fund is essential in our mission to support the scholarship needs of U of L student-athletes. The CAF as well as the Cardinal student-athletes greatly appreciate your support.

Priority Points are awarded accordingly;

  • One point for every $100 donated to the CAF
  • One point for every $100 donated to an individual sport or Capital Campaign
  • One point for each year a donation is made
  • One point for each year in which football season tickets are purchased
  • One point for each year in which basketball season tickets are purchased
  • Two points for each year in which season tickets are purchased for any sport other than Men's Basketball and Football.

Additionally, any points awarded prior to 2004 for Lifetime Football Seats and other athletic gifts have been carried over to your CAF account on TicketMaster.

Total points are calculated and then put in numerical order with all active CAF members.

Priority Points Calculator

Enter your current Point total:
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How much would I need to donate to reach a certain Point level?

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- Calculations are based on 1 Priority Point for every 100 dollars donated.
- All Values are rounded to the nearest Point
- *If you don't know your points or you would like to run scenarios without your current point total, please enter zero (0)

Cardinal Athletic Fund donor levels are based on a donor's total annual giving during the fiscal year (July 1 - June 30). These donations are used to determine CAF benefits for the subsequent sports season(s) and for the calculation of Priority Points.

Louisville Legend: $50,000+
Hall of Fame: $25,000-$49,999
NCAA Champion: $15,000-$24,999
All American: $8,000-$14,999
All Conference: $3,000-$7,999
Team MVP: $750-$2,999
Team Captain: $500-$749
Team Player: $100-$499